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Bible and Coffee
Short Videos
Short Videos
Interior of a Church
Deep Dives
Deep Dives
Man with Arms Raised
True Stories, True Mercy
True Stories, True Mercy
A Monstrance in a Church
Celebration Ideas
Celebration Ideas

Short Reflections

Building Momentum to Divine Mercy Sunday: Maureen Flynn, Dave & Joan Maroney

The Splash - Preparing for the Greatest Day of Grace - Part 2: The Image, Hour, Chaplet, and Feast

Part 4 - Preparing for the Greatest Day of Grace: What if I Can't Receive Communion?

Preparing for Divine Mercy Sunday - The Greatest Day of Grace: Why Mercy? Why Now? - Part 1

Part 3 - Preparing for the Greatest Day of Grace: How to Obtain the Awesome Gifts of Mercy Sunday

Deep Dives

Episode 3: Full Episode of Saint Faustina: The Secretary of Divine Mercy

Dive Deeper - Explore the Depths of Mercy with the Exports: Divine Mercy Triumphs Over Misery

Dive Deeper - Explore the Depths of Mercy with the Experts: What is Divine Mercy?

Dive Deeper - Explore the Depths of Mercy with Fr. Michalenko, MIC: The Eighth Day - Feast of Mercy

Lives Transformed

True Stories True Mercy - Rita Vitale - Catholic, Protestant, Catholic Again!

True Stories True Mercy: Kevin McCarthy - What are the Odds? Chaplet Prayers Undeniably Answered

True Stories True Mercy: Miracle on the Hudson and the Image and the Superstorm

True Stories True Mercy: Margaret Bieser’s Hurricane Experience That Will Blow You Away

Celebration Ideas

Fr. Gordon Reigle - How to Bring Divine Mercy to the Parish - A Pastor's Playbook

A Festival of Mercy for the Entire Parish: Ed & Nan Weber with Dave & Joan Maroney

Little Flowers & Mercy Sunday Sundaes Work to Draw a Crowd - Joan Maroney Interviews Amy Chapman


Building Momentum for Divine Mercy Sunday
A Parish Guide


The Mercy Sunday Momentum Parish Guide provides the best ideas and resources to help build momentum toward the greatest celebration of Divine Mercy Sunday in your community. This downloadable and printable guide contains:

  • Practical suggestions to Spark, Fuel, and Catapult momentum throughout Lent

  • A variety of Sample Announcements for Bulletin, Website, and Pulpit

  • Divine Mercy Sunday celebration ideas

  • Downloadable posters and promotional graphics

8 Pages 8 1/2 x 11 PDF
Download yours today!

Download Parish Guide

Poster Downloads

English 11x17

Spanish 11x17

English 18x24

Spanish 18x24

Graphics Downloads for Print and Web

For Print (as in Bulletins)
For Websites and Social Media (small 600x600)
For Websites and Social Media (large 1200x1200)

Sample Announcements

for Pulpit, Bulletin, Website




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